About School

Langara First Mandarin School offers Mandarin courses for both adults and children. The Mandarin as a Second Language program places emphasis on practicality, modern and interesting presentation styles, and use of simple, easy-to-learn materials. Both the Traditional and Simplified written forms of Chinese characters are taught; Hanyu Pinyin phonetics is also taught to complement the learning experience. Various textbooks from China and Taiwan, as well as locally prepared teaching materials, are incorporated into the full range of course materials.

The Langara First Mandarin School was originally established in Vancouver by people who are interested and enthusiastic about Mandarin language education. Mandarin classes are now one of the programs offered at Langara College, Continuing Studies.

We place emphasis on the practicality of its courses, modern and interesting presentation methods and use of simple, easy-to-learn materials. Emphasis is on Chinese reading, writing and conversation skills. All the instructors are fully qualified and experienced.